Every homeowner wants to ensure the safety of all who live in the home and will look for the best ways to do so. One option some people decide on for extra security is window bars or safety bars. These metal bars fix onto the exterior of a window, typically the basement or ground floor windows. In this way, they prevent intruders from entering the home through a window.

The question that should be asked, though, is how safe are these types of window bars? While they may provide the homeowner with a sense of security, there are some downsides. A big safety concern is whether the occupant of the home could escape easily in the event of a fire or some other problem inside the house. Window bars could prevent a person from escaping through essential exit points and even hinder firefighters as they look for vital points of entry.

What can you do if you live in an area where you feel window bars are necessary? Window bars should be fitted with a quick-release mechanism. They should be not be complicated to use and should not require special tools to open them. They need to be simple to use so that even young children or very elderly people could operate them. Remember, in the event of a fire, a person can become very disoriented and start to panic, so a complicated release mechanism could cost valuable time.

To review, then, there are many security advantages to having window bars on the lower level windows of the home, but there are some major safety concerns in the event of a fire or other problem. So, its important to make sure they are fitted with a quick-release mechanism.

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